Antonio Nicasio

Software & Frontend Engineer

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About me

I am a web and software developer. I like the technology I have been working since 2014 fully in programming and coding for the web and software. When I started in that 2014, I had my first opportunity to have my first job as a Frontend Engineer Jr. Even though I had little experience, I developed very well within the company. I had my first assignment to a real project. which had me very excited almost 5 years have passed since that day I have had good and bad moments in software development. but I have learned to improve and do my job and my code with better quality every time. I like to learn and study all the time. I love the web and technology. I have recently discovered Python and I love it. Now on the web I am using it with my other favorite JavaScript stack.

Work Experiences

  • Software Engineer at One Pitch

    September 2019 - Up to now

    One Pitch SAAS
    Activities: My tasks are to implement new features and make changes to the UI of the new branding. refactor or remove existin features. My interest in this project is because artificial intelligence was implemented. which interests me to learn about AI

  • Frontend & Software Engineer Mid III at Framework Science

    March 2018 - June 2019

    Nodabl MVP
    Activities: Solve Tickets and develop Features based on client Stories, Challenge Solve pass RAW SQL trough Prisma ORM and Apollo Server Tools: Javascript, ES6, React, Apollo, Prisma, Graphql

    Launch Pad CRMActivities: Bug fixing and develop features based on backlog Tools: Es6, Vuejs, Javascript, Laravel – PHP

    Atticus AppActivities: Bug fixing and develop features based on backlog Tools: Es6, Vuejs, Javascript, Laravel – PHP

    Fan ServeActivities: develop features on POS front end SPA – Bug Fixing Refactor Tools: ReatcJs, Bootstrap, Redux, Jest, ES6

    MedelitaActivities: Frontend Implementation on Magento Development Tools: PHP, Magento Core ,KO(knockout JS), CSS, Bootstrap

    AppetizeActivities: Bug Fixing - and Implement React on Frontend Tools: PHP, CodeIgniter, JavaScript ES6, React v14

    AngelPawActivities: Create and Develop Customer portal. Tools: PHP,CSS, JS, Bootstrap, Laravel, VueJS, ES6

  • Wordpress Developer & Developer at Arte Digital

    September 2017 - March 2018

    Crouzet, Eco Hotels Resorts - Activities: create pages form the scratch – bug fix of existing projects WordPress plugin development.

  • Software Engineer & Developer at Ayuntamiento de Tijuana

    February 2017 - September 2017

    CUIS SEDESOLTechnologies: PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ajax

    PROTECCION CIVILActivities: create an MVP focused on the productivity of the civil protection instance to streamline the logistic processes Technologies: C#, .Net, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ajax

  • Web Developer as Freelancer

    July 2015 - Up to now

    Multiple ClientsActivities: create – support – bug fixing - refactor of mi clients websites and web apps. Tools: PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ajax, AngularJs

  • Front-end Developer at Sonata Services

    January 2014 - July 2015

    Loan HeroActivities: Complete and Develop features of Loan Hero APP, QA Tools: JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap 3, Angular JS.


  • Software Engineering UNADM

    Spetember 2018 - Up to now

    The graduate of Software Development Engineering is a professional with a broad vision to develop software solutions applying the quality processes, models, standards and tools of the software industry; qualified to plan, design, evaluate, control, install, integrate, build, operate, manage and maintain innovative solutions in applications of Information Technology and Software in its various environments and electronic devices, achieving maximum use of resources in the Different public or private organizations.

  • Instituto Tecnologico de Tijuana ITT

    2003 - 2004

    Train leading, analytical, critical and creative professionals, with strategic vision and broad ethical sense, design power, implement and manage computing infrastructure to contribute innovative solutions for the benefit of society, in a global, multidisciplinary and sustainable context.